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Kaizen (change for the better) has long been recognised as one of the major tools of the Toyota Production System (TPS).

Practising Kaizen on a daily basis ensures that we constantly challenge to find a better way of working and therefore eliminate waste within our operations. For that reason TPS never stands still and constantly evolves to the next level.

It is a process that engages, empowers and motivates the employees at all levels. Tapping into the innovation and creativity of our people ensures we can make continuous improvement without the need for massive levels of investment expenditure.

Key Study Areas

  • The 3M’s Muda(Waste), Muri(Overburden) & Mura(Unevenness)
  • The 7 wastes
  • The prerequisites for successful kaizen
  • The philosophy of Work Kaizen before Equipment Kaizen

Aimed At

All levels up to and including managers

Course Information

This course can be undertaken at either our Deeside Engine Plant, Burnaston Car Plant or at a client's site.

Course duration is one day with the start time flexible to suit your requirements.

£435 + VAT per delegate

Customer Comments

Course Etiquette

Courses can contain participants from several organisations. Conduct should be professional to ensure that all participants are able to enjoy the course.