Toyota Lean Management Centre

Over 100 years of experience helping organizations to improve

The Toyota Way is the gold standard for Lean management, and our coaches have over a century of combined experience working with it. We believe that mistakes are opportunities to learn, and our no-blame culture encourages us to share our experiences so that we can all improve.

Challenging your buisness

 Our values and way of working 

Don't expect an easy ride. Interacting with Toyota Lean Management Centre is challenging because we want you to achieve the best possible results and experience tells us this comes from hard work.
A Japanese term meaning change for the better. It's all about small regular steps in the right direction. We don't have a magic formula or shortcut to being the best but one step at a time is the way to pass the competition.
Go Look - Go See
The books all talk about Genchi Genbutsu and Gemba walks but without understanding it's just good exercise. Whether it is training, a diagnostic or coaching our appetite to be on the shop-floor is insatiable and we want to help clients see waste and the opportunity this presents.
We don't know your processes better than you and we know that the people who operate the processes on a daily basis are the true experts. We will always involve all stakeholders and explain what we are trying to achieve and why.

It's the Toyota Way

Our work today is the foundation for tomorrow

We live by the Toyota Way and its culture of continuous improvement. If this resonates with you, we invite you to contact us to see how we can help you achieve your Lean management goals.

Lean Training
Lean courses cover a wide breadth of topics which we have experience in applying to a diverse range of clients.
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The Toyota Lean Management Centre will visit your site for a three day in-depth study to benchmark your organisation against TPS and the Toyota Way.
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Developing people is the key to developing organisations! Engaging us to coach your leaders will accelerate your Lean journey.
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