Toyota Lean Management Centre Privacy Notice

What is this?

At TMUK we are committed to respecting and maintaining the right to privacy of individuals.  This notice explains the details of what information TMUK collects from you, what we do with it and who it might be shared with.

What information does TMUK collect from you?

Personal data broadly means information that identifies an individual, or which could identify a living individual when taken together with other information that we hold, or are likely to hold.

Examples of personal and sensitive data that we might hold:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • Dietary requirements
  • Shoe size (for Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Employer’s / organisation’s name and address

How long does TMUK keep hold of your information?

TMUK’s Retention & Destruction Policy determines how long we will retain your personal information for.

For the Toyota Lean Management Centre (TLMC) activities, this is determined at 7 years retention and then the data will be securely destroyed, using the confidential waste stream TMUK has in place.

Why does TMUK collect this information?

  • We will only ask for your information for:

        -      legitimate reasons

        -      to fulfil contractual duties

Who might TMUK share your information with?

  • The data will be shared within TMUK and TLMC as appropriate.
  • We will not share your information for marketing purposes with other companies.

What does TMUK do with your information?

  • We will collect and process the information about you that you provide by filling in forms and by corresponding with us.

How can I access the information TMUK holds about me?

  • TMUK wants to ensure the information we hold about you is up-to-date. Please inform us if the information we hold about you is inaccurate or out of date. 
  • Please contact TLMC’s Data Protection Lead, Steve Nelson at
  • TMUK’s Data Protection Controller can be contacted at
  • We will aim to respond to any privacy request received from you within 30 days of your request.


Updated 2023