TPS can be seen as a way of life because it involves changing the culture and mindset of an organisation to embrace problem-solving, learning, and innovation at all levels. TPS is not just a set of tools or techniques, but a holistic approach that requires commitment, discipline, and leadership.
The Toyota Way is a set of principles and behaviours that underlie the Toyota Production System and the Toyota culture. It consists of two pillars: continuous improvement and respect for people. Simple but often overlooked, The Toyota Way guides our behaviour and is the glue which ensures change is sustained.

How it works

Three day in-depth study


The Toyota Lean Management Centre will study 11 key areas of your business, providing you with an opportunity to study your key processes, as well as a chance to measure your understanding of the Toyota Production System and The Toyota Way.


The three day diagnostic process concludes with a presentation. Drawing on The Toyota Way we encourage clients to demonstrate teamwork and invite the whole management team to this presentation.

Linked to TPS and The Toyota Way we will explain the opportunities that have been identified and the principles which have guided us to these conclusions.

The final slide will be an outline plan for improvement. Without obligation we can advise what support we would be able to provide to help clients achieve this plan.

Action Plan

We will work with clients who wish to be supported by us to develop a detailed action plan which typically lasts between four and 12 weeks.

You will identify appropriate resource who we will coach and guide to ensure they develop as the team tackles a pilot area.

Our aim is to leave behind a team that can replicate this change in other areas without the ongoing cost of consultants.

Our most popular courses

  • Five Day Course

    The ultimate Lean training course

    The 5 day workshop explores in detail the concepts of the Toyota Production System and Toyota Way behaviours. A real appetite for Lean is essential, this course is no holiday.

  • 2 Day Lean Management Workshop

    Lean tools and culture

    The 2 day workshop digs into culture. Providing delegates with understanding not only of Lean tools but also the keys to success. The best course for senior leaders.

  • Half Day Lean Introduction Seminar

    An introduction to Lean

    Not sure about Lean or you have employees you would like to introduce to this topic? Observe these at our state of the art manufacturing facility as we introduce you to Lean principles.

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Our Services

In today’s highly competitive society, Lean management training has never been more important

Lean Training

Courses cover a wide breadth of topics available online and face to face. We have experience working with a diverse range of clients.

If your needs are more unique, bespoke courses can be developed.

Delivering training at a client’s own site allows for immediate application of lean principles. Alternatively train at our North Wales or Derbyshire plants to see how Toyota has applied the principles.


Developing people is the key to developing organisations! Engaging us to coach your leaders will accelerate your lean journey.

The legacy of a coaching activity will be a culture which embraces change, employees who are empowered to solve problems and a deep understanding of tools which can be used to identify and eliminate waste.