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Enterprise Ireland is the government agency responsible for helping Irish companies achieve global success. TLMC are a service provider who support Enterprise Ireland's Lean Offer  which is a funded support package.



Dr. Richard Keegan has visited Deeside no less than 78 times, each time as enthusiastic as the first, here is what he had to say recently.

"Toyota Lean Management Centre are a group of expert enthusiasts – people who are committed to sharing their knowledge and experience of the Toyota Production System and the Toyota Way.

Based in the Toyota Deeside engine plant in North Wales they have access to a Toyota working plant, as a teaching zone. They blend classroom, hands on workshop and real shop floor experience to help you look, see and understand the Toyota approach to achieving excellence in people, process and product.

Being able to visit a working Toyota plant where English is the spoken language has proven very helpful to over 2,000 Irish people TLMC have trained since 2009.

Visiting and learning with TLMC has been a fabulous development experience for me and the many trainee visitors to the Plant, from Ireland and from across Europe."