5S Training Course

5S Training Course

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All course dates and times stated are for current UK time


If you have no existing knowledge of Lean we recommend joining the 45 minute Introduction to Lean session to understand the mindset required to make a success of any Lean activity.


5S is a tool that when used correctly will enable the elimination of waste that contributes to the creation of mistakes, defects and injuries in the workplace.
5S training from Toyota will provide more than just a clean and tidy workplace.

5S is a tool that generates teamwork and motivation and it’s a tool to enable the rapid recognition of abnormality. For these reasons it plays a vital role in supporting the Toyota Production System (TPS).

To maximize the benefits of 5S the organisational culture required to sustain it in operation is of paramount importance. If used correctly 5S can be part of the process of visual control of a well planned lean system. 

5S Key Study Areas

  • The meaning and true purpose of each element
  • How to use the tool to engage and motivate employees
  • Management's role in sustaining 5S
  • How to effectively implement 5S

Aimed At

All levels.

Course Information

This course is delivered by two experienced TLMC coaches using Microsoft Teams.

Delegates will participate through the use of Slido. The fastest way to access this feature is by scanning a QR code, shared during the presentation, on your smartphone or tablet. It is also possible via a web browser. Neither option requires the download of any special software.

The duration of this course is 120 minutes. Please allow extra time after the planned duration, the course is live and the coaches will answer questions from delegates, this may cause the course to run over.

Course Etiquette

When joining the course please use your full name as entered during the booking process, only participants who have valid bookings are admitted to the training.

Microphones should be muted upon joining, please only unmute when participating and mute again once finished.

Courses can contain participants from several organisations. Conduct should be professional to ensure that all participants are able to enjoy the course.