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Standardised Work
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All course dates and times stated are for current UK time


If you have no existing knowledge of Lean we recommend joining the 45 minute Introduction to Lean session to understand the mindset required to make a success of any Lean activity.


Standardisation and Kaizen are the platform that supports the Toyota Production System. Without clear standards it is impossible for people to judge if a situation is normal or abnormal. In this situation how can we ever be certain our actions are adding value to a process and not just creating more waste? Standardised work is a tool that can be applied to any process where human interaction is present and when used correctly will lead to increased levels of motivation by creating employee process ownership and engaging them in continuous improvement activities.

Key Study Areas

  • Correctly study the worksite and visualise the current state.
  • Identify waste, value added and non-value added activities.
  • Redesign the worksite to ensure Safety, Quality and Productivity
  • Create a Kaizen plan to eliminate waste.

Aimed At

All levels up to and including Managers.

Course Information

This course is delivered by two experienced TLMC coaches using Zoom.

Delegates will participate through the use of live polls, this requires that the Zoom client is downloaded to your device. Please note that polls are not available in the  web version.

The duration of this course is 120 minutes. Please allow extra time after the planned duration, the course is live and the coaches will answer questions from delegates, this may cause the course to run over.

Course Etiquette

When joining the course you will be asked to enter your name. Please enter your full name as entered during the booking process, only participants who have valid bookings are admitted to the training.

Please join five minutes before course commencement. Some platforms require some setup before first connecting, we will provide a link for you to trial before course attendance if you have any concerns.

Microphones should be muted upon joining, please only unmute when participating and mute again once finished.

Courses can contain participants from several organisations. Conduct should be professional to ensure that all participants are able to enjoy the course.